X-Ray Fluorescent Elemental Analyzer(XRF-Single)

X-Ray Fluorescent Elemental Analyzer(XRF-Single)is an online analyzer with a single stream and can measure multiple elements.


X-Ray Fluorescent Elemental Analyzer(XRF-Single)is an online instrument for element analysis. XRF can simultaneously analyze multi-element of single slurry stream. XRF can be used for plant operation to minimize reagent consumption, maximize recoveries and increase throughput.



No manual intervention from sampling to analysis.
Not affected by process factors such as concentration, particle size, bubble, velocity, stratification.
No need for radioactive sources permission.
No need for liquid nitrogen cooling.




Widely used in non-ferrous metals, ferrous metallurgy and other industries, it plays an important role in stabilizing and improving product quality, improving metal recovery and saving costs.


Applications of EA

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