Laser Elemental Analyzer

X-Ray Fluorescent Elemental Analyzer (XRF) is an online instrument for element analysis.


Laser Elemental Analyzer (LEA) is based on laser element analysis technology (LEAT). It can replace traditional chemical analysis methods and achieve rapid analysis of the tested material. The online or by-pass elemental detection and analysis for solid material can be realized in the process flow. Meanwhile, liquid materials contents also can be detected and analyzed by plug-in or flow-leading method. LEA can analyze the content of major elements in real time and can meet the real-time detection requirements for material composition and industrial indicators in the process flow of ingredients, mixed materials, etc.. It can effectively monitor and control the production process, improve product quality, and save production costs, improve economic efficiency. In addition, the harmful components of PPM level content in the on-site materials can be detected to improve the safety of the production process.



It can realize high precision full element measurement, PPM level content detection.
Non-contact, rapid, continuous, large amount of material detection.
Solid material, liquid material detection.
It is almost non-destructive testing, the consumption material is only calculated by gram.
No radioactivity, excellent safety, the work safety of frontline personnel is guaranteed.
Low cost of use and maintenance.
Well-adapted at site, little modification to the process transformation.



Research on the testing technology of the main coal quality characteristics of the coal as fired in power plant, including the important coal quality indexes that affect the safety, economy and clean combustion of the boiler in the power plant: calorific value, volatile, coal ash fusibility, moisture content and ash content;
Detect alkali metal elements (K, Na) in coal;
Detect sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide generation index;
Detect trace harmful elements (As, Hg) and so on;
Composition analysis of cement raw meal, clinker, sintered material and so on;
Composition analysis of ore and mineral powder;
Ingredient analysis of slurry, solution and solid liquid two phase liquid material.


Applications of XRF


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