Elemental Analyzer

Elemental Analyzer (EA) features one cross-belt type online detecting device for cement materials.


It is mainly used for online detection of element (compositions) contents during limestone batching, raw mix. EA is a modular structure and can be installed around a belt without the necessity to cut it. When EA operates, the belt slides through the internal supporting tank of the measuring unit and then EA measures all the materials passing by. During the whole detection process, no material is contacted and there is no influence on belt operation.



1. The unique measurement structure improves the detection efficiency.
2. The high-performance detector and signal processing system improve the measurement performance of the product.
3. The structure of multi-source and multi detector can be adjusted flexibly to meet the needs of various field process.
4. A variety of specifications are available for site selection and can be designed for field measurement when there are special needs.
5. More protection measures are taken to the radioactive source, and it is safer to use.



When using EA for stockpile, user can optimize mining at quarry by using the analysis data from EA and utilize low grade limestone as much as possible. According to the data from EA, chemical component of materials at stockpile yard can also be controlled effectively through reasonable batching thus to make component stays within target range.
When using EA for raw mix, EA is installed on the belt after additive bins to online detect and automatically control the ratio of each material, it can stabilize chemical component of raw meal as much as it could and fulfill multiple quality control targets. Control raw meal component by EA can stabilize the thermal regulation of firing system, increase kiln output and save fuel, as well as improve clinker quality.


Applications of EA

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